Episode 4: 618.9201 – The Incubator Babies of Coney Island

In this episode of the Reference Desk, Hailee tells us about the strange Coney Island sideshow responsible for saving hundreds of lives. Martin Couney’s Infant Incubator facility was one of Coney Island’s most popular exhibits. It may have been a strange place for infants to be cared for, but for much of the early-to-mid twentiethContinue reading “Episode 4: 618.9201 – The Incubator Babies of Coney Island”

Episode 3: 364.163- Frank Abagnale, Jr.

In this episode of The Reference Desk, Katie is bewitched by Frank Abagnale, Jr.  One of America’s most notorious con-men, Frank Abagnale, Jr.’s unlikely journey into the world of check forgery, criminal impersonation, and other scams, inspired the popular film “Catch Me If You Can.” From his humble beginnings as a teenage runaway cashing bad checks,Continue reading “Episode 3: 364.163- Frank Abagnale, Jr.”

Episode 2: 974.45 – The Salem Witch Trials

In this episode of The Reference Desk, Hailee is bewitched with The Salem Witch Trials.  Between February 1692 and May 1693, more than two hundred people were accused of witchcraft in Salem and surrounding towns. Thirty were found guilty, nineteen were executed by hanging, one other man was pressed to death, and at least fiveContinue reading “Episode 2: 974.45 – The Salem Witch Trials”

Episode 1: 027.07 -The WPA Packhorse Library

In our first full-length episode, we learn how to podcast (with only forgetting to hit ‘record’ one time, ok?!) and Katie tells us about the bizarre and beautiful history of Eastern Kentucky’s Packhorse Librarians. Buy the books we recommended in this episode here. Sources: Appelt, K., & Schmitzer, J. C. (2019). Down cut Shin Creek: TheContinue reading “Episode 1: 027.07 -The WPA Packhorse Library”