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Mary Seacole

Many people know and recognize the name Florence Nightingale and recognize her as the founder of modern nursing. And, while she did some amazing things for the field of nursing there was another woman who many argue was actually the first nurse practitioner, largely forgotten by history. 

This week, Hailee is bewitched with Mary Seacole, a British-Jamaican nurse and businesswoman and one of the pioneers of modern nursing. 

Also mentioned in this episode: the extremely problematic “tip line” created by the Governor ofVirginia to have its citizens spy on school teachers and turn them into the government. If you would like to flood this tip line, the email is


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** Hailee incorrectly stated the co-author of Punching the Air, Yosef Salaam, was part of the individuals called the Central Park Four by the media. It is, however, the Central Park Five now, thankfully, the Exonerated Five! I apologize!

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