Episode 21: 910.91634-Titanic (part 1)

This week Hailee and Katie are bewitched by the Titanic. 

Is it just us, or does EVERY kid go through a Titanic phase? An adolescent infatuation spurred on by Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio leaving handprints on a steamy car window has morphed into an adult obsession with the story and impact of the Titanic. In our first ever collaborative episode (and part one of our season 1 finale), we explore the history of TransAtlantic travel, the construction of the “ship of dreams,” life onboard the ship, and the crew and passengers who made the doomed vessel an integral part of Western history and culture. 

Before this ill-fated beauty slips below the freezing waters of the Atlantic, let’s revel in her grandeur and innovation. 

Books mentioned in this episode:

The Comfort Book by Matt Haig

The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

Beach Read by Emily Henry


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