Episode 15: 917.5924- Myths and Legends of Disney World

In this episode of The Reference Desk, Katie is bewitched by the myths and legends of Disney World. 

Known around the globe as “the happiest place on Earth,” Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida is a vacation destination like no other. This sprawling property is home to four unique theme parks, a host of themed accommodations, hundreds of restaurants, and a world of carefully-curated experiences. But are there secrets lurking beneath the surface? 

Was Walt Disney cryogenically frozen and kept in suspended animation beneath one of his most beloved attractions?

Is an uncontainable flesh-eating bacteria the real reason for the sudden, quiet closure of a wildly popular water park? And is it true that no one dies on Disney property? We explore these myths and more in this magical episode. 

Recommended books:

Manacled by SenLinYu

Disney War by James B. Stewart 

It’s Kind of a Cute Story by Rolly Crump and Jeff Heimbuch 

The Disney Story: Chroniciling the Man, the Mouse, and the Parks  by Aaron H. Goldberg

The Art of Disney Costuming: Heroes, Villains, and Spaces Between by Jeff Kurtti 

Maps of the Disney Parks: Charting 60 Years from California to Shanghaiby Kevin and Susan Neary

Cleaning the Kingdom: Insider Tales of Keeping Walt’s Dream Spotless by Ken Pellman and Lynn Barron

Ink and Paint: The Women of Walt Disney’s Animation by Mindy Johnson

Secret Stories of Walt Disney World series by Jim Korkis


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